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We constantly look for employees to our portfolio of talented people, who wants to work for our valuable customers.

We look for all kinds of employees, but the ones we mostly need for the time being are these kinds:

  • Educated and licensed craftmen to the construction industry such as e.g.: Plumbers and sanitary installators, concrete workers, carpenters and electricians to name a few.

  • Workers for the construction industry such as: Specialised and non licensed workers for concrete, wood work, masonry, metal work, cleaning and so on.

  • Craftmen and workers to industrial work such as: Wood worker, metal worker, CNC operator, technicians, mechanics, production workers etc.

  • Engineers, leaders, drawers, designers, arcitects and technicians to all branches.

  • Onshore and offshore staff to the oil and gas industry such as leaders, engineers, technicians, operators, craftmen and workers with a valid offshore certificate.

  • IT-technicians, IT-supporters, IT-architects, IT consultants, IT workers, IKT workers and IKT specialistsof all kinds.


We also search avidly for these types of people:

  • All types of engineers such as machine engineers, design engineers, chemical engineers, IT engineers, sales engineers, oil engineers, electro engineers, building engineers, ship engineers, bio engineers etc.

  • Employees for the catering and hospitality industry and the service industry in general such as baristas, waiters, chefs, butchers, bakers, kitchen staff, catering staff, service and cleaning staff and so on.

  • People for the car and mechanical industry like car mechanics, plate smiths, auto painters, auto cleaners, spar part workers etc.

  • Warehouse and logistics workers like warehouse and logistics workers, truck drivers, warehouse clerks and leaders etc.

My specialty is not mentioned above. What do I do? Donøt worry. Everybody is encouraged to apply.


Apply by clicking at the button: "Apply now" at the page: "Find a job".

We look very much forward to be reading all about you.

Our clients are our partners, that’s why we choose them carefully.
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