Are you looking for temporary workers?


We are finding the most priceless people to work for you in your company.

We are very professional in our quest to find your future employees, no matter if it is for fixed employment, project related work or for temporary jobs.


We deliver employees and temporary workers for administration, construction, industry and service work.


Our aim is to provide you with creative, dutiful, intelligent and value creating staffs that make your visions come true and expand your business.

We can offer you employees in 3 ways:


  • Recruitment of employees for project or fixed employment by you directly.

  • Rent out temporary workers.

  • Try & Hire: You rent the employees as temporary workes in a specific period, after wich you employ the employees directly by you.


We deliver fast, but our delivery time is colored by the task at hand. Please mail us your phone number, then we will contact you to give you a good offer.

We will love to talk to you.

Are you looking for a new job?

We are your stable employer and your next step in getting an even more successful career.

We offer you exciting and challenging jobs at hour respected customers.

Are you interested in a new job with new and talented collegues and thrilling tasks and training, then we are very interested in hearing from you.

Apply via the page: "Find a job".

We also have an important goal about helping the most important people in our society. Theses people are all the kids in our world. Therefore some of our revenue gets donated to the organization SOS Children's Villages.

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